Advanced Electric Machine and Drive Laboratory


Two drive test benches for 3 KW and 13 KW drive systems, respectively.

dSPACE system

The dSPACE system is an open source platform that allows an easy implementation of a Simulink controller model for real-time performance test.

  • Automatically converts a Simulink model to C-codes and implement them in DSP
  • On-line controller parameter modification
  • On-line monitoring of various signals captured by data acquisition systems.

Further information on the dSpace system may be found here: dSpace system.

Siemens drive serving as the loading system

The Siemens drive unit consists of a Siemens inverter, a high precision controller and a Siemens permanent magnet synchronous motor. The purpose of this system is to offer various load profiles at the maximum flexibility. The user interface is Matlab, where different load profiles may easily be configured.

The Siemens loading system is controlled by a PC server. Each end user can get access to the server through internet connection for sending desired commands.

The loading system can work in both torque control mode and speed control mode.

A guide is available here: User Guide for Siemens Sinamics S120 Drives.

Electrical machine static test system

For testing the machine parameters and characteristics, i.e. the static torque, the nonlinear flux linkage vs. current profile, the back EMF, etc.

  • Multi-channel data acquisition system, up to 40 KHz sampling frequency.
  • Chroma programmable AC/DC power supplier.
  • Various range strain gauge torque transducers for static torque measurement.
  • Step motor for rotating and locking the machine to a desired position.
Material test system

For testing the BH curve of laminations used for electrical machines. The test can be conducted under different conditions, e.g. sinusoidal and PWM voltage supplies. The core losses of a certain type of material can also be measured.

Special Equipment

Various professional, high-end equipments are available for the Advanced Electric Machine and Drive Lab. Please find more details here.