Biomass Laboratory

Large scale lab facilities

Continuous Bench Scale 1 (CBS1)- Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) facility

Approx 20 kg/h feed, processing conditions up to 450 deg C, 350 bar. High resolution instrumentation and online gas sampling. Wide range of input biomasses possible. Gravitational separation of product phases.

Solid fuel conversion facility

400kW input power, grate fired test rig. Fully instrumented, access for optical analysis in flame zone and downstream.

Lab scale Reactors for high pressure experiments

5-15 mL systems

Micro batch reactor systems for parametric studies. Very rapid heating up to max 500 deg C, quench cooling. Online pressure and external temperature sampling.  

400 mL system

The 400 mL system consists of a 400 mL autoclave equipped with stirring, a cooling coil, a heater and an external high pressure injection pot. The system can operate in traditional batch mode, but due to the injection pot, the batch can also be injected when desired reaction conditions have been reached. The system is rated for 350 Bar and 500℃.

1 L system

Our 1 L system is a semi-continuous system consisting of a 1 L autoclave equipped with a high pressure injection pot and a batch disposal system. The disposal system consists of a flash-drum and condenser which enables repeatable experiments without disassembling the system. The system is rated for 350 Bar and 500℃.

15mL hydrotreater

Batch catalytic hydrotreater with controllable shaker. Up to 250 bar and 300 deg C.


Elemental AnalyzeR

Perkin-Elmer model 2400 CHNS O

Bomb calorimeter

IKA C2000 Basic v2

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

For sample analysis the lab has a GC/MS unit available. The system is used for the identification and quantification of components in feedstock and products.

Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR)

Our Thermo Scientific Nicolet 380 FT-IR spectrometer is an easy-to-use system for the identification and quantification of components of gas, liquid or solid mixtures.


For a wide range of viscosity measurement the lab provides a Brookfield Thermosel™ RVDV-II PRO Viscometer with multiple spindles and a SSA temperature controller. The viscosity and temperature range is 25-10M cP and 1-300 ℃, respectively.


Sigma 6-16HS table top centrifuge with heating is available which enables fast separation of sample phases. The centrifuge has a maximum capacity of 4 x 800 mL.

Distillation System

Buchi Rotavapor R-210; a pressure and temperature controlled vacuum distillation system.

Packed column vacuum distillation column, 15 theoretical plates, 2 L boiling flask capacity.

Fuel and application testing

MiniLab™ Gas Turbine Lab

The MiniLab™ Gas Turbine Lab from Turbine Technologies, LTD. is a user-friendly all-in-one system. With auto start of the SR-30 Turbine and on-board data acquisition which provides real-time data displayed in a LabVIEW™ user-interface, the system serves both educational and research environments.

SprayView™ Fuel Atomization Verification System Lab

The SprayView™ fuel spray system enables an examination of the spray characteristics of various fuels in a clear-view chamber. Since the atomizer is identical to the one on our SR-30 turbine the SprayView™ fuel spray system can also be used as a pre-examination prior turbine runs.


Stuska Dynamometer XS-211 with Trackmaster test stand allows for a variety of engines up to 1600HP. The in–house collection of engines consists of several Hatz Diesel engines in the range of 10-55 kW, including 1-, 2- and 4 cylinder versions.


  • Hach-Lange TOC-X5 for measuring total
  • Organic content
  • Mettler Toledo pH-meter
  • A range of weights and ovens
  • Kern moisture analyzer
  • Laser Doppler Velocimetry for non-intrusive flow and turbulence measurements
  • Particle Image Velocimetry for non-intrusive whole field flow measurements