High Voltage Laboratory

The High Voltage Laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment that can be used in the testing of materials and the study of different HV phenomena. The high number of MWB HV modules allows designing high-level detailed setups that can be used for experiments with fundamental HV theories. This is essential for students as HV engineering in nature is an experimentally based science.

The HV laboratory also has an 800kV impulse generator for testing with both lightning and switching impulses.

A list of some of the existing equipment is below:

  • 800kV Impulse generator with voltage divider
  • 2 sets of 100kV Lightning impulse setup (can be used for universal purposes)
  • 200kV AC Cascaded transformers
  • Digital partial discharge detector
  • Capacitance and loss angle measuring bridge
  • Modules (capacitors, resistors, spark gaps, rectifiers, pressure vessels etc..) that can be used in the designing of different test setups