Marine Power Systems Laboratory

Global concerns with regards to pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have led to stricter regulations in the maritime industry. As a result, growing efforts have been reported to make the onboard energy systems more efficient. Therefore, the maritime sector needs urgent modernization. The Marine Power Systems Laboratory uses state-of-the-art real time simulation and reduced scale experimental platform to design, test and verify the integration of new technologies into various types of marine vessels such as drilling, transport and naval. Developments are made according to the newest marine class regulations.


The laboratory facility currently operates around the advanced 12-core real time simulator which is fully compatible with the Matlab/SimPowerSystems and can be used for a broad range of onshore and offshore applications. In particular, the simulator is able to:

  • Simulate in real time complex electrical networks on paralleled CPU cores
  • Simulate in real time converter topologies on FPGA board
  • Interface with power amplifiers for testing the influence of physical equipment (either power hardware or controller prototypes) on simulated infrastructure
  • Design rapid control prototypes

The Marine Power System Laboratory is developed in cooperation with: