Safety Committee

Safety Information

The Working Environment Committee is part of the Safety Organisation at Aalborg University. The structure of the Working Environment Committee is made according to “Bekendtgørelse nr. 739 af 22. september 1997” regarding safety and health care in companies.

The Working Environment Committee is also involved in working place evaluations (arbejdspladsvurdering), which are made for offices as well as laboratories.

Safety Rules, Forms and Information

The Working Environment Committee is responsible for safety and health conditions in all offices and laboratories under the Department of Energy Technology in both Aalborg and Esbjerg; for all students as well as for all employees. Students, who want to work in the laboratories, are obliged to attend a Course in Laboratory Safety, before they are allowed to work in the laboratories. This also applies to PhD students.

Everyone working in the laboratories must fill out a Work Place Permit, which may be found here: Work Place Permit

A list of students allowed to work in the laboratories may be found here: Students allowed to work in the laboratories.

Information about general safety rules and a list of responsible persons in the laboratories, both TAP and VIP, may be found here:

In order to ensure that these guidelines are followed it is important that everyone working in the laboratories are aware of the rules.

Minutes of meetings can be found here.

Special Awareness Topics

The work carried out in the Working Environment Committee is ongoing in order to secure and improve the safety and health care for everybody at the Department of Energy Technology.

The Working Environment Committee urge all employees and students to have special attention to the following:

  • No lab. in student group rooms
  • No coffee etc. in the laboratories
  • Flexibility and cleanup due to laboratory renovation

Members of the Working Environment Committee - Energy Technology

Eva Janik; Technical/administrative staff, (B Representative)
Walter Neumayr; Electricity, section 1, 3 & 5, (B Representative)
Mads Lund; Mechanics, section 6, (B Representative)
Anne Vibeke Kofoed Rasmussen; section 2 & 4, (B Representative)
Henry Enevoldsen; Esbjerg Electronic, (B Representative)
Simon Pedersen, (A Representative)
Tamas Kerekes, (A Representative)
Lasse Schmidt, (A Representative)
Henrik Sørensen, (A Representative)
John K. Pedersen, (Chairman) (A Representative)
Mads Pagh Nielsen, (A Representative)
Gitte Husted, (minute taker)