Research Activities by Fluid Power and in Wind and Wave Energy

Completed Research Projects

Completed PhD Projects

Selected COMPLETED Student Projects

  • Development of Pilot Stage Actuator for On-Off Valve for WEC (Niels Henrik Pedersen, Søren Christian Jensen, Morten Grønkjær, Jacob Skjødt Thomsen, Marcello D'Alessio, MCE, 6th semester, 2013)
  • Design of a Fast Switching Hydraulic Valve for WECs (Michael Holme Sørensen, Morten Hyldgaard Sørensen, Mikael Højen, MCE, 10th semester, 2012)
  • Modelling and Control of Hoist Equipment for Wind Turbine Blade, Daniel Christensen, Anders Sørensen, Morten Rosengreen, EMSD, 10th semester, 2012)
  • Control of Hydraulic Pitch System (Jesper Liniger og Christian Skallebæk, EMSD, 10th semester 2011)
  • Design of an Efficient High Performance Switching Manifold for Hydraulic Power Take-Off Systems (Mads Brinch Christensen og Nicolai Barrett, EMSD, 10th semester, 2011)
  • Design of High Efficiency Valve for Use in a Digital Displacement Hydraulic Pump (Daniel Rømer og Per Johansen, EMSD, 10th semester, 2011)

Laboratory Facilities

The research programme benefits from world class laboratory facilities for testing both components and systems in full scale using state-of-the-art transducers and measurement equipment. The laboratory is part of the general fluid power laboratory, which comprise a number of different test set-ups.

Test Facilities at collaboration partners

Besides the laboratory facilities at the university, the industry partners provide test facilities that are available for experiments supporting the work in the research project. These test facilities a full scale pitch stand and full scale hydraulic yaw test stand at Hydratech Industries in Silkeborg and the full scale Wave Star prototype WEC at Hanstholm.