Mission and Focus Areas of Fuel Cell and Battery Systems


The mission of the fuel cell and battery research programme is to support the development of sustainable energy production through leading edge research at international level in the fields of fuel cell, electrolyzers and battery components, systems and control. It is also our mission to develop new innovative smart energy system solutions based on these technologies for example in the areas of energy storage, production of liquid transport fuels and CO2 abatement.

Focus Areas

  • Development on novel concepts for energy storage and liquid fuel production based on water electrolysis and carbon re-cycling
  • Development of improved electrolyzer and fuel cell system based on advanced models of cells, stacks, humidifiers, reformers etc.
  • Design and optimisation of fuel cell systems and battery systems with respect to requirements imposed by a specific application
  • Modelling, design and characterization of battery management systems including online estimation of state-of-charge, state-of-health, remaining-useful-lifetime etc.
  • Development of advanced models for parameter estimation, control and monitoring of fuel cell and batteries system.
  • Degradation tests (real time and accelerated) and modeling tailored to specific mission profiles
  • State-of-the-art experimental facilities to generate validation data and to demonstrate improved system design and control

Vacancies within Fuel Cell and Battery Systems

If any, please find the vacancies here: Vacancies at Aalborg University