Cooperation and Guests

Cooperation and Guests

The Department of Energy Technology engages in strategic cooperation with both private companies and public institutions such as other universities, municipalities and other authorities. Through such cooperation, the department contributes to further research and education at both national and international level.

Industrial cooperation

The department participates readily in research collaboration projects and consulting work together with external collaboration partners, the industry etc. The collaboration projects often use means such as PhDs, co-financed positions and equipment. Besides, the collaboration projects often involve third party funding from various public funding opportunities e.g. DSF, HTF, PSO, EUDP etc. The department has a great number of current projects and is ready to enter into new activities. We stress the importance of sharing of knowledge with our cooperation partners and develop new technologies through a combination of shared knowledge and cooperation.

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Section Leader

Electric Power Systems Professor Claus Leth Bak
Thermal Energy Systems Associate Professor Mads Pagh Nielsen 
Power Electronic Systems Professor Stig Munk-Nielsen
Thermofluids Associate Professor Henrik Sørensen
Electrical Machines Associate Professor Peter Omand Rasmussen
Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems Professor Torben O. Andersen
Esbjerg Energy Section Associate Professor Simon Pedersen


International Relations and guests

The department strongly emphasises and values its international relations. Thus, the department works on a continuous basis to enhance and expand its international contacts and attract international collaboration partners. This is of upmost importance both with regards to quality in research and the educational programmes.

The department receives guests on a continuous basis. Both scientific staff and students greatly benefit from working in an international environment by the many guests as well as the knowledge these people bring to the department.