Jobs and Scholarships

In collaboration with a number of companies, The Department of Energy Technology is able to grant scholarships and offer students jobs to a number of students registered as guest students or degree students on Postgraduate programmes of the Energy Study Board.

Read about the Energy Sponsor Programme and explore your options as a student.

Student Jobs

From time to time, the Department of Energy Technology is able to offer jobs to students, either as work during semester while the student is also studying, or during the summer holiday.

If any, you may find the student jobs at the Department of Energy Technology here: AAU Job Bank.

Student Worker Form

As a student worker, you must fill in a form after completed work. Afterwards, the form must be given to Mikkel Lønsman Larsen in room 1.103.

Student jobs give an hourly rate of app. DKK 160 per hour.

This is taxable income, so you must agree your tax situation with the tax office in Aalborg. You will get a tax card that must be deliviered to the University pay office. Otherwise, the University pay office will have to take the emergency rate of 60% from your pay.


Information on available scholarships will be updated on this website as it becomes available.


Other financial support

Students also have other possibilities for obtaining financial support for studies in Denmark. See here: Ministry of Higher Education and Science.