The IoT Microgrid Living Laboratory

The IoT Microgrid Living Laboratory


The living lab intends to demonstrate the viability of low voltage DC and AC systems for future households which will enhance their power quality, reliability and also efficiency. This novel distribution architecture also enables consumption flexibility, following Danish smart grid strategy.

D E S C R I P T I O N.

The living laboratory aims to demonstrate the technical and cost advantages of using current technology for supplying residential consumers. Comparatively with ever increasing shares of renewable energy sources, recent reports also indicate more and more DC electronic appliances (laptops, smart phones, LED lights, home entertainment systems and white goods) at final consumption level. Therefore, the change in paradigm for electrical power supply of low voltage users may provide many new opportunities to considerably increase the overall quality of service.

Several institutions worldwide (Japan, USA, UK, South Korea, etc.) have already recognized the potential of DC and are presently running multi-year pilot projects in this area. In that sense, it seems that EU countries are lagging behind the competition and starting the similar initiative in Denmark will contribute in developing conceptual and industrial solutions for this fast growing market.