Torque transducer
  • With a USB cable to PC, for a convenient measurement of the steady state and dynamic torque. Sampling frequency at 2 KHz for dynamic torque measurement.
  • Software integrated with the torque transducer for on-line torque, speed, power, and torque ripple measurements.
  • Range from 5 Nm to 1000 Nm.
  • Data catalog.
High precision, multi-channel data acquisition system from Microstar Laboratories
  • has an onboard 400 MHz AMD K6-III processor.
  • provides 14-bit A/D converter resolution.
  • samples analog inputs at up to 800k samples per second.
  • more information may be found here.
Chroma programmable AC/DC power supplier
  • capable of generating ac, dc and ac dc voltages.
  • available at various power range. More information may be found here.
Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG-3000)
  • Wide frequency range from 1μHz ~ 80/50MHz.
  • 16-bit, 200MSa/s, 1M-point deep arbitrary waveform.
  • Arbitrary Waveform Editing PC Software.
  • More information may be found here.
Various oscilloscopes and voltage, current probes from Tektronix including the high-end DPO-4000 series
Wideband power analyzer (Norma) for high precision measurement
General-purpose Labview measurement cards for data acquisition