Flexible Drive Systems Laboratory

Flexible Drive Systems Laboratory Setups

FDSL disposes of five identical drive systems controlled by mixed RISC/DSP digital controllers (DSPACE DS1103 PPC plugged in host PC) featuring four‐quadrant operation capability.

  • The dSPACE DS1103 PPC is a mixed RISC/DSP digital controller providing a powerful processor for floating point calculations as well as comprehensive I/O capabilities
  • Each of the five systems has two Danfoss FC302 DC‐AC inverters connected to motors (2.2kW induction motor and 4kW permanent-magnet synchronous motor)
  • Each inverter is supplied individually from separate sources (three-phase grid or a reversible rectifier)
  • Each inverter is controlled separately. The powerful and flexible structure of the system allows the implementation of both classic speed/torque control techniques as well as advanced strategies, like sensorless control of PMSM.
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