Microgrid Research Laboratory


The Intelligent Microgrid Laboratory (iMGL) is a powerful platform of research and teaching for microgrid technologies, in which Master, PhD students and industrial partners can participate. The iMGL will allow to test and implement control and energy management strategies for MicroGrids, being suitable for next PhD/Industrial courses programmed in AAU, such as: AC MicroGrids, DC MicroGrids, Power Quality in MicroGrids, Communications for Microgrids, and Energy Management System and Optimization for Microgrids. The platform allow also to develop PhD thesis linked with Danish and international companies.

The laboratory is based on dc-ac power electronics converters controlled by dSPACE system. The flexibility of this platform allows multiple configurations like grid-connected and islanded MicroGrids, DC-AC and hybrid MicroGrids, or multiple Microgrids clusters.

A MicroGrid is a local grid composed by distributed generators, like photovoltaic systems or small wind-turbines, energy storage systems and consumptions, which can operate connected or disconnected to the grid in islanded mode. In a MicroGrid system, power electronics converters are necessary for their energy management and control. MicroGrid is a key concept for integrating renewable energy resources in residential and industrial applications.

MicroGrids have the following features that should be considered:

  • Renewable energy on-site integration
  • Low energy losses, since the energy production is nearby the consumption
  • Flexibility and reliability, when there is grid failure the MicroGrid could operate autonomously in island, but reconnected again when necessary
  • Power quality enhancement, the Microgrid can reduce voltage harmonics and unbalances, flickers, and other grid problems
  • Coordinated control and demand-side energy management systems, together with communication systems.

MicroGrids Research Programme