Measuring and Test Equipment



The Department possesses a large amount of highly accurate equipment for field measurements and testing of setups. Examples are:

  • 1 RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) (shared with other research groups)
  • 2 Omicron CMC 356 and 256 with GPS synchronization (universal testing solutions)
  • 1 Omicron Dirana (Insulation Diagnosis)
  • Tektronix oscilloscopes 4054 B and 2014 (shared with other research groups)
  • Several HV differential and distance relays (Siemens) that can be used to test different protection strategies
  • Several voltage and current probes, including Rogowski current probes and high voltage probes
  • 5kV Portable impulse generator
  • Impulse current Generator

Most of the equipment is portable and can be used in field measurements.

Almost all masters’ student work and PhD research includes extensive field measurements in order to properly verify computer simulation models.

For instance real life measurements have been conducted at:

  • Installed EHV transmission cable systems (Impedances, linkbox connections, travelling waves)
  • Large power transformers (400/150 kV and 60/20 kV)
  • Grounding systems
  • Synchronous condensers
  • Protection relays
  • Power plants (large coal fired and biomass)
  • Offshore wind farms (Harmonics and switching transients)
  • General switching transient measurements with real-life switching in all types of network
  • Petersen coil grounded networks
  • Harmonic voltage and current measurements in 400 kV network

The Department has several software tools (MATLAB, PSCAD, PowerFactory, LabView, etc…), which can be used to analyse the measurements.