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Staff at Department of Energy Technology

The scientific staff of the Department is organised according to the seven sections, and are further connected to different multi-disciplinary research programmes. The technical and administrative staff of the Department is organised at Department level. To locate specific staff members, please see below.

Scientific Staff

Staff of Electric Power Systems
Staff of Power Electronic Systems
Staff of Electrical Machines
Staff of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems
Staff of Thermofluids
Staff of Thermal Energy Systems 
Staff of Esbjerg Energy Section 

Secretarial Staff

Department Secretariat

Tina Lisbeth Larsen
Corina Busk Gregersen 
Eva Janik
Gitte Husted
Mette Skjærbæk (Esbjerg)
Rikke Kortegaard

Economy and Project Office

Anne Marie Christensen
Anna Miltersen
Birgitte Kudal Guldbæk
Bonnie Steffensen
Mette Dember Christensen
Mette Lindrup Skov Jensen 
Maria Norup Maarbjerg 
Tina Korup Ravn

Study Secretary

Trine de Pont Nielsen (study secretary)
Gitte Hageman Christensen (study board secretary)
Lisbeth H. Nørgaard (study secretary)
Christian Winther Dissing

Information Office

Hanne Munk Madsen
Maria Hald Friis
Patricia Have
Anette Lundsgaard Larsen
Casper Jørgensen

Laboratory Staff

Jan Christiansen, Head of laboratories

Anne Vibeke Kofoed Rasmussen
Bjørn Brøndum Jensen
Flemming Bo Larsen
Frank Rosenbeck
Henrik Nielsen
Henry Ries Enevoldsen (Esbjerg)
Mads Lund
Sune Brinch Holm
Walter Neumayr
Kathrine Regine Toft Hansen (Esbjerg)
Søren Ravn 

Contact Information

The Department of Energy Technology is located at the following address:

Pontoppidanstraede 111
9220 Aalborg East

CVR: DK 29 10 23 84
EAN no.: 57 98 000 42 08 16

For further information about the Department, the programmes and options for research and co-operation, please contact:

Head of Department

Associate Professor John K. Pedersen

Electric Power Systems

Professor Claus Leth Bak

Power Electronic Systems

Associate Professor Stig Munk-Nielsen

Electrical Machines

Associate Professor Peter Omand Rasmussen

Fluid Power Systems

Professor Torben O. Andersen


Associate Professor Henrik Sørensen

Thermal Energy Systems

Associate Professor Mads Pagh Nielsen

Esbjerg Section

Associate Professor Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen

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