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The Department of Energy Technology teaches all aspects of Energy Engineering including production, transmission, distribution and sustainable energy. All teaching is research based which means that students benefit from their professors and teachers being researchers themselves. Hence, all students gain access to contemporary knowledge within their study area. Furthermore, the courses are constructed for students to test and try out their theoretical skills practically in well-equipped and modern laboratories.


Our Undergraduate Programmes (Bachelor's Programmes) take three years and spans over six semesters. From the 5th semester, all teaching is done in English, partly in order to accommodate the numerous international students attending our courses. The Department offers Undergraduate Programmes in both Aalborg and Esbjerg:

In Aalborg students may also obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (Diplomingeniør).

Energy lab

The Postgraduate Programmes (Master's Programmes) take two years, and students are encouraged to carry out their Master’s Thesis in cooperation with an industrial partner. Several companies have divisions located at the Department of Energy Technology, and thus, the students have immediate access to finding a collaboration partner.

Depending on your undergraduate programme and your specialisation, your Bachelor's Degree qualifies you to enter one of the following Postgraduate Programmes (Master's Programmes):

Energy Engineering (Aalborg) (Danish description) with a specialisation in:

Sustainable Energy Engineering (Esbjerg) (Danish description) with a specialisation in:

Advanced Power Electronics (Esbjerg) (Danish description)


Siemens Wind Power
Sarah Olsen, Head of Recruitment and Sourcing

"Siemens Wind Power is one of the largest windmill manufacturers in the world. It is a quality-conscious company with technological leading products and a unique know-how based on longtime experience within the industry. If you want to make a difference for a cleaner environment and if you want challenges on a high level in an international, inspiring and innovative working environment, we can fulfill your wish. In order to achieve our goals, we need skilled engineers who strive for the best results within the wind power industry. We constantly work on competency development of our employees e.g. through Performance Management Process, project work, further training and stationing. The global Siemens network offers great possibilities for an international career. Where you start today and where you are tomorrow depends on your qualifications and your personal goals."

Henrik Ørskov Pedersen, Manager of Technology Management

"Grundfos holds a leading position in the global pump market and sets the agenda for energy efficient pump and motor solutions. An essential part of Grundfos’ values is to actively contribute to solving the climate challenges, and development of high tech products and systems is among the means to reach our goals. The latest example is our A-marked [ranged as sustainable, red.] circulation pump – Alpha2 – which has been named the most energy efficient circulation pump in the world. This we have achieved by, inter alia, utilisation of the most modern energy technology within motor design and advanced frequency converter technology – developed by a cross-disciplinary team of engineers who dare share the vision of being the best in their field.

In order to be able to continue the development of products which make a difference, Grundfos needs engineers who not only possess thorough academic knowledge within energy technology, but who at the same time are able to take part in cross-disciplinary projects with colleagues from all over the world."

Continuing Education

Aalborg University offers a wide array of programmes as part-time, continuing adult education, ranging from Postgraduate programmes to single courses within different academic fields. Most of the programmes are conducted in Danish.

If you wish to explore your opportunities within continuing education, please visit AAU's website for Continuing Education

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