Energy Sponsor Programme

Advantages of Membership

  • Direct influence on composition and contents of the energy studies
  • Possibility of close contact with students

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Advantages for Students

  • Special sponsorships
  • Awards at graduation
  • Company visits / Companies' Day

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The Energy Sponsor Programme

35 students from Energy Technology visited Energinet on November 6th 2019

35 students from Department of Energy Technology visited Energinet on November 6th 2019.  

Programme Content



Companies with more than 250 employees: 50,000 DKK a year
Companies with less than 250 employees: 35,000 DKK a year
Companies with less than 10 employees: 10,000 DKK a year

Background of the Energy Sponsor Programme

The industry has experienced an increased need for qualified candidates in energy. Hence, it seemed sensible for the University and companies to act together in view of ensuring the quality of the educational programmes as well as a large and stable outcome of Postgraduate students at a high academic level. Over the last years, the Department of Energy Technology has worked together with companies individually on stabilising and increasing the number of students/candidates. However, it is our view that we can and should do more than this, and it seems perfectly sensible to gather our experience, strengths and initiatives within energy in a joint effort.


The overall purpose of the Energy Sponsor Programme is to strengthen the educational programmes in energy and to ensure future knowhow and working power within the area. In order to achieve this, the Energy Sponsor Programme focuses on:

  • Educating postgraduate students
  • Content and quality of the educational programmes
  • Communication/marketing
  • Internationalisation


The Energy Sponsor Programme is organised by a board in which the Department and a range of chosen companies are represented. Furthermore, the Programme has a part time secretariat at the Department of Energy Technology that attends to the organisation and administration of the programme. Members of the Board naturally influence the Energy Sponsor Programme both with regards to management and decisions concerning e.g. activities, budget and the annual Energy Seminar etc. Board meetings are held twice a year. 

Testimonials by Energy Sponsor Programme Members

Siemens Wind Power

"Siemens Wind Power considers the Energy Sponsor Programme as an important co-operation partner, especially when it comes to getting skilled employees in Denmark. Especially the electrical part of the energy study needs maximum support from the industry which is also our main reason for having established an office at the Department of Energy Technology with focus on performance electronics and generators besides being a member of the Energy Sponsor Programme. Both initiatives give us a welcome and optimal opportunity to support the energy studies in a relevant direction. As a bonus the synergy between the Department and our company as well as the exposure towards the students through various activities are increased."


KK Wind Solutions

"KK Wind Solutions has joined the ‘Energy Sponsor Programme’ to help foster tomorrow’s engineers. We are proud to join the ‘Energy Sponsor Programme’ at Aalborg University, Department of Energy Technology to strengthen technology cooperation while supporting talented engineering students. The overall purpose of the Energy Sponsor Programme is to enhance the education of tomorrow’s energy engineers. The Energy Sponsor Programme aims to ensure a sufficient number of energy engineers and develop the academic profile and quality of M.Sc.’s. Moreover, the programme strive to create synergy between students and the sponsoring companies."Aalborg University is an important technology partner, especially when it comes to developing and testing innovative energy applications and attracting talented employees in Denmark,” Says Kristian Gadgaard, Power & Electronics Engineering Manager at KK Wind Solutions."



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Job Opportunities in ESP Member Companies

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Contact to the Department

If you want to know more about the Energy Sponsor Programme or your company wants to participate, please contact:
Office Administrator Mikkel Lønsman Larsen,, 9940 3345.