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Programme Content - at a glance

Programme Content at a glance

The advantages of membership will give you the following possibilities:

  • Job opportunities to be displayed at the department (physical noticeboard as well as information to the students about the posting)
  • Links to the company’s job portal from the department’s home page
  • Links to the company’s project pages (project opportunities)
  • Specialized courses in compliance with the company’s requirements
  • Participation in employer group and employer panel (close contact with the energy field of education and possibility of industry specific influence)
  • Involvement in the annual ”energy camp”
  • Exemption from lab fee in connection with student projects (laboratory costs)
  • Guest lectures: possibilities of presenting company methods and projects
  • Research cooperation: participation in annual strategy meeting
  • Company visits: possibilities of presenting your company to students studying within your particular field

Recurring events where members participate free of charge

  • Student conference – where the students present their projects and companies are given the opportunity to see what is stirring among students
  • PhD day – where the PhD students present their projects; and companies are given the opportunity to see what is stirring in terms of research
  • Energy Sponsor Programme Companies Day: Exclusive event for members who are given an opportunity to present the company, job opportunities, project cooperation

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