To the Students' Advantage

To the Students' Advantage

The overall purpose of the Energy Sponsor Programme is to strengthen the energy engineering programmes to enhance the education of tomorrow’s engineers. By being proactive, the Energy Sponsor Programmes aims to among others:

  • Ensure a sufficient number of energy engineers
  • Enhance the academic profile and quality of M.Sc.’s
  • Create synergy between students, student projects and the companies

Therefore, you as a student at the Department of Energy Technology will benefit from the Energy Sponsor Programme. Below, you may read about some of the advantages offered to you by the Programme.

The Energy Sponsor Programme makes being a student appealing. Each year, the Programme allocates large sums of money for pools especially earmarked for this purpose. Below, you may read about your options as a student.

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If you wish to learn more about your opportunities in the Energy Sponsor Programme, please write an e-mail to Ms Hanne Munk Madsen, or Ms Maria Hald Friis

We look forward to your inquiry!

Study Environment

The Energy Sponsor Programme wishes for students of energy engineering to have a pleasant study period. Therefore, the Programme allocates pools for making the students’ lives sweeter. For instance, the Programme emphasises facilities and academic arrangements for the students at the Department of Energy Technology. Thus, students may apply for allocation of money for a specific purpose concerning the study environment.

A committee consisting of students, the Head of Department and the Department Secretary has been formed in order to decide which arrangements and facilities the pools should be spent for. Please contact one of your fellow students below if you have any wishes or ideas regarding the study environment:

Awards for Excellent Work

Graduation in June

Every year, the Energy Sponsor Programme gives out awards at the Graduation in June. The categories vary; it may be ‘Best Project’, ‘Best Group’ etc. It is the groups’ supervisors who decide whether to nominate ‘their’ groups for the awards. The students must have demonstrated marvellous academic skills, extraordinary engagement and solid work. Another criterion is that the projects must reflect innovative thinking. Exam marks are also a deciding factor.

The project supervisors will be notified in good time prior to the nomination deadline which is set shortly before the Graduation in June.

Conference for Postgraduate Energy Students (CES)

The Energy Sponsor Programme also gives out awards for best paper based on a group project. This takes place during the annual Conference for M.Sc. Energy Students (CES) held by the Study Board of Energy during the winter. At this conference, 7th and 9th semester students present a scientific paper based on their project. The papers are nominated by the groups’ supervisors, and the CES conference is held in the same manner as an international conference.

The awarding of prizes will be determined by representatives from the Department of Energy Technology. Complaints or questions about the decisions will not be addressed.

Please note that the award money may be earmarked for special purposes.

Student Jobs

The Energy Sponsor Programme tries to foster as many student jobs as possible. Private companies are often quite interested in having students working for them, both because the companies favour fresh blood with new, interesting approaches, but also because students are quite cheap to hire. For a company, this means low salary for highly skilled work, and to the students, it means extra money to get by and a shovelful of invaluable experience.

Please note that your application must address a specific job advert posted on the department web page. If there are no adverts on the web, it is because there are no student jobs presently available.

Special Sponsorships and Grants

Application for Special Sponsorships and Grants

Student groups can apply for a special sponsorship or grant through the Energy Sponsor Programme. For the groups, it is of great advantage to be able to conduct travels during their studies, for instance to an important conference, a study trip abroad (outside Denmark) or a visit to a company. However, travelling is expensive, and students generally do not have money to throw around. Therefore, in order to enhance education, the Energy Sponsor Programme allocates money for special sponsorships and grants for which you may apply.

Your application should include:

•Justification for receipt of a grant
•A detailed plan for how the money are to be spent
•A description of how receiving the grant will benefit your studies

Your application must be sent to the Study Board secretariat by Ms Gitte Hageman Christensen (PON 111, room 1.120) as the awarding of special sponsorships and grants will be determined by representatives of the Study Board. Please mind the deadlines below. Complaints or questions about the decisions will not be addressed. Important Information: It is a condition for receipt of special sponsorships and grants that you produce documentation for how you have spent the money. This documentation must correspond to the plan for how the money are to be spent which you included in your application. Failure to produce the necessary documentation or if the money has been spent in disagreement with the mentioned plan will result in the University demanding the grant returned to the Energy Sponsor Programme.


May 1st (for travels in the autumn semester)
November 1st (for travels in the spring semester)

Student testimonial

The Energy Sponsor Programme sponsored a group trip to Berlin in the autumn of 2015. You can read more about the trip here.