Programme Content

General Administration and Support

Resources are allocated for a secretariat which will manage all coordination, planning and administration regarding the Energy Sponsor Programme. Included here are holding of meetings (general meetings, Board meetings and information meetings), student projects and –jobs, visits to companies, the Empty Place Scheme, scholarships, guest lectures, sponsorships etc. The idea is that it must be easy for you to offer e.g. sponsorships and utilise the benefits gained through membership. Thus, You are not going to spend unnecessary time on for instance submitting scholarships, student jobs etc. Moreover, via the support of the secretariat, you will obtain closer contact to the students. The secretariat is here to ensure that such efforts will be as seamless and non time-consuming as possible.

The Annual Energy Seminar

The Energy Sponsor Programme will arrange a annual Energy Seminar focussing on current subjects and problems within the area of energy. We will invite relevant speakers to the Seminar, and subsequently, debate and discussion is encouraged regarding problems and how these may be solved. Researchers from the Department of Energy Technology will participate and contribute with their experience and expertise. Moreover, the Energy Seminar invites presentation of student- and PhD projects.

PR gymnasiums, abroad etc.

In order to ensure a sufficient number of candidates in the future, it is of vital importance that we promote the energy studies. One way of doing this could be visits to gymnasium schools during which we present the energy educational programmes in cooperation with Your company. Another approach could be to bring the gymnasium students to the Department of Energy Technology. Through such joint initiatives, we have the opportunity to communicate directly and create visibility towards this very important target group. The Energy Sponsor Programme/the secretariat will attend to the general administration and coordination of such visits.

In order to capture and ensure the interest of international students in studying at the Department of Energy Technology (either as guest students – 1 or 2 semesters, or as degree students – an entire master’s degree), it is necessary to create visibility towards the energy studies. This concerns both production of advertising material and visits to foreign universities. Students from abroad contribute to ensuring an international environment at the Department, and may compensate for the lack of Danish energy engineers. It is the experience of the Department that a large part of the international students choose to stay in Denmark upon their studies in order to find employment in Danish industry.

Visits by Guest Lecturers

Contrary to visits by guest researchers, the means for this activity cover a visit at the Department of Energy Technology by a guest lecturer, e.g. in connection with the annual Energy Seminar. Such a visit would not be a prolonged stay, but merely one lecture at a time.

Support for Running the Energy Educational Programmes

One of the aims of the Energy Sponsor Programme is via cooperation to ensure quality and subject knowledge through courses and projects, guest researchers and –lecturers as well as establishment and implementation of educational elements, including running of selected courses via financial grants in consideration of content and quality.

Support for the Study Environment

In view of creating good surroundings for the students and ensuring contended students, support for a good study environment in the shape of special facilities, e.g. common rooms is needed.


In view of increased visibility and PR, the idea is to give out a number of awards each year to students, e.g. for the best project.

In 2016 the Energy Sponsor Programme gave out awards in connection with the annual graduation ceremony in June. The awards were given for best graduation project:

1st prize: DKK 10,000
2nd prize: DKK 5,000
3rd prize: DKK 3,000

The students were delighted and astonished that their work was appreciated in this manner, and the Sponsor Programme received plenty of positive press upon the event.


As a member of the Energy Sponsor Programme, you have the opportunity to have a scientific contact person from the Department of Energy Technology who may act as your entrance angle to the Department. Hence, company ambassadors may increase the acquaintance between a company and the Department and establish a closer relationship.

Special Sponsorships and Grants

Students may apply for special sponsorships and grants through the Energy Sponsor Programme. For a student, it is of great advantage to be able to conduct travels during his or her studies, for instance to an important conference, a study trip abroad (outside Denmark) or a visit to a company. However, travelling is expensive, and students generally do not have money to throw around. Therefore, in order to enhance education, the Energy Sponsor Programme allocates money for special sponsorships and grants for which the students may apply.

By agreement in the Energy Sponsor Programme Board, the allocated money are handled by the Board of Studies of Energy, and the students send their applications to the secretariat by Ms. Gitte Hageman Christensen.

Student testimonial

Some of our students made a visit to Berlin in the autumn of 2015. This visit was sponsored by the Energy Sponsor Programme. You can read more about the trip here.