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Industrial/PhD Course: Periodic Control and Filtering in Power Electronic Converter Systems


01.07.2021 kl. 08.30 - 02.07.2021 kl. 16.30




Associate Professor Yongheng Yang,   


Yongheng Yang (YOY), Associate Prof., ET, Aalborg University 
Yonghao Gui (YG), Assistant Prof., ES, Aalborg University  

ECTS:  2    


A key issue for power electronic converters is the ability to tackle periodic signals in electrical power processing (e.g. sinusoidal voltage/current regulation, power harmonics mitigation, synchronous frame transformation, grid synchronization, etc.) in such a way to precisely and flexibly convert and regulate electrical power. Classical controllers (e.g., PID control) are not able to remove the dynamic periodic error completely. The residual periodic errors will not only degrade the power quality and even the stability and reliability of the electrical power systems.   

This Ph.D. course is thus to lay a foundation of the Internal Model Principle (IMP) -based periodic control and filtering theory with basic theory, derivation of applied equations, know-how on the control synthesis, and some most recent progress, which is found to provide power electronic converters with a superior control solution to the compensation of periodic signals with high accuracy, fast dynamic response, good robustness, and cost-effective implementation. This course also contributes to this discipline combined with demonstrative practical examples of the application of periodic control and filtering to: standalone/grid-connected power converters; high frequency link converters; shunt active power filters; and PLLs for grid synchronizations, which can be fruitful in future controller designs, and the control methods are in some cases already applied in industry.   

As an emerging topic, the periodic control has the great potential to be one of the best control solutions for power converters but not limited to, and to be a very popular standard industrial controller like the PID control.  

The course will be organized as:  

Day 1:  

  1. Fundamentals of Periodic Control and Filtering (YOY & YG) 
    • Motivation and background 
    • General power converter control 
    • Internal model principle 
    • Basis function for periodic control and filtering  
  2. Fundamental Periodic Control in Power Electronic Conversion (YG) 
    • Repetitive control 
    • Resonant control 
    • Optimal periodic control 
    • Application examples  

Day 2:   

  1. Advanced Periodic Control in Power Electronic Conversion (YG & YOY) 
    • Digital control issues 
    • Frequency adaptive periodic control 
    • Application examples  
  2. Periodic Filtering for Power Electronic Conversion (YOY) 
    • Harmonics and pre-filtering 
    • Periodic filtering for power conversion 
    • Application examples  
  3. Extensive Applications of Periodic Control and Filtering (YOY)  
  4. Course wrap-up (YOY & YG)  


This course is intended for researchers and engineers in the field of power electronics and their applications, for control specialists exploring new applications of control theory in power electronics, and for advanced university students in these fields. General knowledge in power electronic converters, and basic control theory are preferred. Course exercises will be performed on MATLAB/Simscape/Sim Power Systems.   

Form of evaluation:  

Course lecturers will design mini-projects. Each student will be assigned with or select a specific mini project within the lectured topics, where the students should model the system, design the controllers, and perform simulations. A report should be submitted.   


6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University