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Industrial/PhD Course: Energy Markets and Analytics


17.05.2021 kl. 08.30 - 18.05.2021 kl. 16.30



Associate Professor Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam,  – Aalborg University 


Associate Professor Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam – Aalborg University 
Postdoc Behnam Mohammadi-ivatloo – Aalborg University   

ECTS: 2    


Energy markets are at the heart of one of the biggest societal challenges of our time - creating a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy provision. Renewable Energies are also new guests and participants in such markets. The PhD/industrial course on “Energy Markets and Analytics” aims at providing an in depth introduction to energy markets and how the renewable energies can be integrated in them safely. The participants will learn how to implement the concepts using appropriate software packages on planning, decision making and optimization.  

Syllabus:  The course will mainly cover the following subjects:  

Day 1 (8:30-16:30- both Lecturers)  

  • 1.1. Introduction to energy markets  
  • 1.2. Pricing and market clearing mechanisms  
  • 1.4. Market participants  
  • 1.5. Challenges of participation of renewable energy resources (RER) in markets  

Day 2 (8:30-16:30- both Lecturers)  

  • 2.1. Policies for integrating RERs in markets around the world  
  • 2.2. Impact of RERs on market clearing and market outputs   
  • 2.3. Demand side management for RERs integration in energy markets  
  • 2.4. Energy storage for RERs integration in energy markets  



Form of evaluation: 

The participants will be evaluated by exercises on a daily basis (both individually and in groups) and a mini-project on market practices at the end of the course.  

Intended Audience:  

  • Researchers and utility engineers interested in modern energy system operation, planning and related activities  
  • Actors in decision making and policy process  
  • (Post-)Graduate students and researchers in energy engineering, planning, economics, and finance.   


6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University


Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 101, room 1.015, 9220 Aalborg East

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26.04.2021 kl. 23.59

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