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Guest lecture by Dr. Mats Larsson, Power Grids Research, ABB Power Grids


11.12.2019 kl. 10.00 - 11.00


There will be a guest lecture on December 11 prior to the PhD defence of Dapeng Lu


Resonances and Harmonic Stability in Offshore Wind Farms


Dr. Mats Larsson, Power Grids Research, ABB Power Grids Switzerland


10:00 -11:00


Due to the high capacitance of the cable system and low load in an offshore grid, offshore AC grids are prone to issues due to harmonic resonance. This is a challenging environment for power electronic converters, such as those used in wind generators. The presentation will present the topic of harmonic stability and its connection to grid resonances, and how it can explain extreme harmonic distortions that have sometimes been measured in offshore wind farms. Fundamental physical phenomena and their connection to converter control will be explained. The presented concepts will be illustrated by a case study of an offshore wind farm.

About the lecturer

Dr. Mats Larsson is a Senior Principal Scientist at Power Grids Research, ABB Power Grids Switzerland, responsible for research on wide-area monitoring and control, HVDC, FACTS and power system stability applications. He is currently working in the Systems and Automation group, working on issues regarding phasor measurement applications in power systems and regional active network management system for power distribution grids. Dr. Larsson has been with ABB since 2001, and has led the research on wide-area measurement systems, power system operation and visualization and been leading projects on substation automation and distribution management systems, and the definition and implementation of a control architecture for future HVDC grids. Recent research work has focused on the grid interoperability of power-electronic converters, mainly focusing on HVDC systems and offshore wind farms. As part of this work he successfully designed and active damping concept for the world’s first HVDC system used as grid connection for and offshore wind farm which was initially plagued with outages due to harmonic overloads.

THE guest lecture WILL TAKE PLACE in Pon 101 in room 1.001 and aLL are welcome


Department of Energy Technology


Pon 101, room 1.001