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Guest lecture by Giovanni Cinti


25.09.2019 kl. 13.00 - 14.00


There will be a guest lecture on September 25


High Temperature Electrolysis and Co-electrolysis: Opportunities and Challenges in the Power to X Strategies


Giovanni Cinti, Researcher at Fuel Cell Laboratory (FCLab) Department of Engineering, University of Perugia


13:00 -14:00


In an energy scenario that indicates the renewable energy as the main energy sources for the future communities, the biggest challenge that researchers and scientist have to face is energy storage. Since sun and wind will shine and blow independently from energy request, we need to find a solution to store, transport and re-use energy. There are several technologies that are candidate as energy vector of the future and hydrogen is one of the most interesting one. Moreover, hydrogen technologies are far from been mature and relative new generation such as Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOE) show strong potentialities that need to be further investigated. Looking to the so called “power to x” strategy, high temperature electrolysis can play an important role not only for hydrogen production but also for the subsequent transformation of hydrogen in high density fuels. Methane, methanol but also gasoline, wax and ammonia can be produced integrating SOE technology and industrial synthesis reactors. High efficiency obtained are a solution to the energy losses that is usually the Achille’s heel of hydrogen technology. At the same way X fuels can be re-used in SOFC systems, that can reach the highest efficiencies nowadays obtainable from power technologies. Thus, a power to X and X to power roundtrip strategy can be implemented and solid oxide technologies can take the opportunity to find a new market and finally achieve the low cost projection that is always been predicted but hardly reached due to market constrains.


Member of research group of University of Perugia in the fuel cell and hydrogen area. I started my research experience during my PhD focusing on microCHP fuel cell based system design and test. Specifically, I focused mainly on experimental tests on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and, after PhD, also in Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOE). SOFC studies are mainly focused on effect of innovative fuels (syngas, ammonia, biogas) in terms of efficiency and system integration issues. Contaminant effect is part of these studies with particular attention to H2S and TAR as contaminant of biogas and syngas respectively. Due to the high interest in energy storage, research activity was extended to hydrogen production and, in particular, to high temperature electrolyzes both in electrolysis and in co-electrolysis. In the area of SOE, my studies are mainly dedicated to the analysis through experimental investigation of the impact of operative parameters on thermal equilibrium and energy balance.



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