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Guest lecture by Research Professor Dmitri Vinnikov, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia


11.12.2019 kl. 11.00 - 12.00


There will be a guest lecture on December 11 prior to the PhD defence of Abderezak Lashab


Galvanically Isolated Impedance-Source DC-DC Converters - Versatile Solution for Residential DC Microgrids


Research Professor Dmitri Vinnikov, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia


11:00 -12:00


Galvanically isolated impedance-source dc-dc converters are a novel power conversion technology with numerous advantages. Wide input voltage regulation capabilities and high reliability enable application of these converters in extremely demanding residential DC microgrids. Thanks to the power circuit versatility, these converters can be used as a power electronic interface not only for the power sources with unidirectional power flow (e.g., the photovoltaic panels and fuel cells) but also in the bidirectional applications, such as modular battery storage systems. This presentation will introduce a concept and main advantages of the galvanically isolated impedance source dc-dc converters, provide an insight into the impedance-source dc-dc power conversion technology, explain its general design and control principles and applicability issues in the residential power generation systems. Main differences from conventional voltage- and current source counterparts will be outlined. Recent research advances in this field will be presented. Application examples of different topologies will be given along with application-specific experimental results.

About the lecturer

Research Professor Dmitri Vinnikov received the Dipl.Eng., M.Sc., and Dr.Sc.techn. degrees in electrical engineering from Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia, in 1999, 2001, and 2005, respectively. He is currently the Head of the Power Electronics Group, Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, TalTech University (Estonia) and a Guest Researcher at the Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Riga Technical University (Latvia). He is the CTO and co-founder of Ubik Solutions LLC - Estonian start-up company dedicated to innovative & smart power electronics for renewable energy systems. Moreover, he is one of the founders and leading researchers of ZEBE – Estonian Centre of Excellence for zero energy and resource efficient smart buildings and districts. He has authored or coauthored two books, five monographs and one book chapter as well as more than 200 published papers on power converter design and development and is the holder of numerous patents and utility models in this field. His research interests include applied design of power electronic converters and control systems, renewable energy conversion systems (photovoltaic and wind), impedance-source power converters, and implementation of wide bandgap power semiconductors.

D. Vinnikov is a Chair of the IES/PELS Joint Societies Chapter of the IEEE Estonia Section. He has been Guest Editor in Chief of a Special Section in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics and Transactions on Industrial Electronics, and for the last 6 years is serving as the Associate Editor of the Transactions on Power Electronics. Dr. Vinnikov is leading the Inverters/Rectifiers subcommittee of the Power Electronics Technical Committee (PETC) of the IEEE-IES and is a member of the Student and Young Professionals Activity Committee of the IEEE-IES.

THE guest lecture WILL TAKE PLACE in Pon 111 in room 1.177 and aLL are welcome


Department of Energy Technology


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