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Guest lectures by Prof. Leonids Ribickis and Prof. Hirofumi Akagi


21.01.2019 kl. 10.00 - 12.00


There will be two guest lectures on January 21, 2019 prior to the PhD defence of Tanaka Takaaki


Power Electronics and Engineering Research at Riga Technical University


Prof. Leonids Ribickis, Riga Technical University, Latvia


10:00 - 11:00


Riga Technical University – Riga Technical University is the only engineering university in
Latvia and the largest university in the country – it educates and trains almost 15 thousand
students. RTU is focused on becoming a third generation university that not only provides high
quality education, but also conducts advanced research and ensures innovation and
technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries. Long lasting traditions,
advanced teaching methods, new technologies and innovative approach provide the
University with the opportunity to ensure research excellence and offer exciting full-time or
part-time studies in RTU in 9 Faculties in Engineering Sciences, Technologies, Architecture,
Natural and Environmental Science as well as Business management studies.
Riga Technical University, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Institute of Industrial
Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IIEEE) – IIEEE is institute in Riga Technical University
and the history of this institute dates back from 1987. The objective of the institute is the
realization of international scientific and industrial projects in power electronics, motion
control, electrical drive systems, electromechatronic systems, adaptronics and e-transport.
IIEEE is a leading institute in its field in Latvia, ensuring a world-level research. Institute
collaborates with other scientific institutions within Latvian and EU projects, with various
leading Latvian enterprises as well as with the universities in North America, Japan, South
Korea and China. IIEEE includes Department of Industrial Electronics and Electrical
Technologies, Department of Electrophysics, Scientific Laboratory of Electromechatronics and
Students Creative Laboratory.

About the lecturer

Leonids Ribickis, Professor, Dr.habil.sc.ing, is the Rector of Riga Technical University. Before
taking office on February 2, 2011, he served as a Vice Rector for Science at Riga Technical
University for 11 years. Additionally to the duties of Rector, L.Ribickis is also a professor in the
Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering and a Director of the Institute of Industrial
Electronics and Electrical Engineering. L.Ribickis received an engineer degree in
electromechanics from Riga Polytechnic Institute in 1970 and PhD in 1980. He is a
Dr.habil.sc.ing. in Riga Technical University since 1994. L.Ribickis is a Full Member of Latvian
Academy of Science, Senior Member of IEEE and president of Association of Latvian
Universities, Executive Council member of European Power Electronics and Drives Association
(EPE). The scientific work of L.Ribickis is connected with power electronics, electric drives,
electrical machines, process control systems and electrical transport as well.



To be announced later

Guest Lecturer

Prof. Hirofumi Akagi, Tokyo Institute of Technology


11:00 - 12:00


To be announced later

about the lecturer

Hirofumi Akagi, professor and vice dean of the school of engineering at the Tokyo Institute
of Technology, is a leading researcher in power conversion systems and their application to
industry, utility and transportation. He has pioneered the theory of instantaneous reactive
power in three-phase circuits, referred to as the “p-q theory,” which has been applied to power
conversion systems and active filters for power conditioning. In addition, Dr. Akagi invented
hybrid active-passive filters, the system concept and operating principle of which have been
applied to the hybrid active-passive filter used in the Yamanashi test line for Japan’s super highspeed,
magnetically levitated train system. An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Akagi holds nine patents – with
five more pending, and has authored or co-authored more than 70 IEEE Transactions/Journals.
Dr. Akagi has received four IEEE Transactions Prize Paper Awards, the IEEE William E. Newell
Power Electronics Award, the 2018 IEEE Medal in Power Engineering, and the IEEE Industry
Applications Society Outstanding Achievement Award.



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