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Industrial/PhD Course: Hybrid Power Plants – Modelling, Operation and Control


21.04.2021 kl. 09.00 - 23.04.2021 kl. 16.00



Associate Professor Florin Iov,, Aalborg University, Denmark 


Associated prof. Rasmus Olsen Løvenstein, Aalborg University 
Post Doc Karthikeyan Nainar,, Aalborg University 
Post Doc Catalin Iosif Ciontea, , Aalborg University 

ECTS:  3    


A recent trend is to augment wind power with solar PV production and various batteries based energy storage systems in so-called hybrid power plants. In this way, a better utilization of plant infrastructure, a steady power output over longer time periods and thus a better integration in energy markets are achieved. Moreover, such a plant can deliver firm ancillary services which may not be provided by the individual components alone. This three days course gives a systematic approach for modelling, control design and operation of Hybrid Power Plants using the Model-Based Design approach. It includes a wide range of hands-on exercises as well as demonstrations in a Real-Time Hardware-In-the Loop framework. The main focus in this course will be on:  

  • Plant architectures and interoperability  
  • Balance of plant configuration, topologies and sizing  
  • Information and communication technologies   
  • Model based approach for control design  
  • Grid Monitoring and Ancillary services  
  • Market participation  

Lectures are alternated with practical exercises on each major topic. More than 40% of the course is used for practical exercises and laboratory demonstrations.  

Day 1:

  • Hybrid Power Plants – an overview – Florin Iov (2.5 hours)   

    • Main components and challenges  
    • Plant architectures and interoperability layers  
    • Market integration and grid support services  
    • Practical considerations on Balance of Plant   
    • Methodologies and tools for design and assessment (offline simulations  and RT-HIL)  
  • Information and Communication Technologies – Rasmus Olsen (3.5 hours)  
    • Communication networks architectures and technologies  
    • Protocols and standards  
    • Performance definitions and classification  
    • Models for ICT (offline simulations  and RT-HIL)  
    • Practical exercises  

Day 2:   

  • Modelling of Assets and Grid – Catalin Iosif Ciontea (2 hours)  

    • Modelling requirements for specific studies  
    • Performance models vs detailed models (wind turbines, PV, energy storage, etc.)  
    • Grid models (voltage control studies, frequency control studies)  
    • Practical exercises  
  • Grid Monitoring – Karthikeyan Nainar and Florin Iov (2 hours)  
    • technologies and required functionalities  
    • signal processing and calculation of main variables (filtering, RMS calculation)  
    • estimation techniques for frequency and ROCOF  
    • Practical exercises  
  • Control Design – Florin Iov and Karthikeyan Nainar (2 hours)  

    • Active and reactive power control   
    • Runtime power dispatchers  
    • Intra-plant estimation techniques  
    • Practical exercises  

Day 3:   

  • Ancillary Services – Florin Iov and Karthikeyan Nainar (2 hours)  

    • Frequency and voltage regulation  
    • Other advanced functionalities (e.g. PSS like, power smoothening, power firming) • Practical exercises  
  • Market Participation – Karthikeyan Nainar (2 hours)  

    • Overview of energy and ancillary service markets  
    • Optimization framework for economic dispatch  
    • Practical exercises  
  • RT-HIL demonstrations – Catalin Iosif Ciontea (2 hours)  
    • Architectures and practical considerations for RT-HIL deployment  
    • Demonstrations of operation and control of a hybrid power plant in a RT-HIL framework  


Basic knowledge on Matlab/Simulink including Toolboxes is recommended for the exercises.  

Form of evaluation:

Individual evaluation of the student assignments received during the lecture and laboratory exercises.  


6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University



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