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Industrial/PhD Course: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics


27.08.2019 kl. 08.30 - 30.08.2019 kl. 16.00



Associate Professor Chungen Yin - Aalborg University


Associate Professor Chungen Yin - Aalborg University
Associate Professor Torsten Berning - Aalborg University



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been successfully used in innovative design, trouble-shooting, optimization of technologies and facilities in numerous areas. This advanced CFD course will provide a familiarity with and an in-depth understanding of: (1) the finite volume method which is the backbone of the majority of CFD tools, including spatial and temporal discretization schemes, pressure-velocity coupling, boundary conditions and so on; (2) turbulent flows and Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes turbulence modeling approach, including different models and their key ideas, pros and cons; (3) multiphase flows and flows through porous media, and their modeling such as Lagrangian method, volume of fluid approach, mixture and Eulerian approach; (4) turbulent combustion flows and their modeling, e.g., species transport/eddy dissipation model or concept, and mixture fraction/PDF; (5) user-defined functions, UDFs, and their use in commercial CFD codes. Lectures will be combined with demos and hands-on sessions, in order to achieve the above purposes.


Basic knowledge in fluid flow, turbulence, multiphase, combustion, programming

Form of evaluation

Form of evaluation: (1) source code to numerically solve a general transport equation using the finite volume method; (2) a mini-report on modeling of a turbulent flow using a commercial CFD code both by the default software and by developing and integrating user-defined functions.




6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


Department of Energy Technology


Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 103, room 4.112, 9220 Aalborg East