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Industrial/PhD Course: Introduction to Wind Power (Online)


15.06.2020 kl. 08.30 - 18.06.2020 kl. 16.00



Z. Chen, Professor, Aalborg University


Professor Zhe Chen, Aalborg University
Assistant Professor Zhou Liu, Aalborg University
Assistant Professor Yanbo Wang, Aalborg University
Post doc. Fellow Dong Liu, Aalborg University



The course will provide training and education in the field of wind power engineering, covering the electrical aspects of wind turbine systems, including electrical machines, power electronics and power systems.

The PhD course will include basic knowledge of electrical systems of wind power conversion systems, and operation and control in power systems with high level wind power penetration.

Some of the course contents are based on recently obtained research results

The main topics are as follows:

  • Overview of electrical systems of wind energy conversion systems
  • Wind power generators
  • Configuration and control of power electronic conversion system
  • Operation and control of wind turbines and wind farms
  • Parameter estimation, monitoring and diagnosis of wind turbine systems
  • Offshore wind farms and electrical system optimization
  • Wind turbines in power systems

Day 1: Basics of wind turbine electrical aspects

  • Overview of energy system and wind power development (ZCH)
  • Basics of wind energy conversion systems (ZCH)
  • Drive train, generators (YWA)
  • Power electronics (DLI)

Day 2: Wind turbines and wind farms

  • Wind turbine systems (ZCH)
  • Transmission system for offshore wind farms (DLI)
  • Offshore wind farms (ZCH)
  • Optimisation of wind farms (ZCH)

Day 3: Wind power grid integration (1)

  • Grid code (ZLI)
  • Power Quality (ZLI)
  • Wind farm control (ZLI)
  • Frequency response and regulation technology (YWA)

Day 4: Wind power grid integration (2) and simulation studies

  • Wind power impacts on power system operation (YWA)
  • Wind power impacts on power system stability (YWA)
  • Simulation Analysis and Practice (YWA/ DLI)
  • Home work/Exercise (ZLI)


Preferably to have general knowledge in electrical engineering.

Form of evaluation

Assignments to be completed, the reports to be submitted and evaluated after the course




6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


Department of Energy Technology


The course will be held online. Please read more here: www.phd.moodle.aau.dk