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CANCELLED: Industrial/PhD Course: Liquefaction of Biomass - Fundamentals and Practice


02.03.2020 kl. 08.30 - 04.03.2020 kl. 16.00



Professor Lasse Aistrup Rosendahl - Aalborg University


Professor Lasse Aistrup Rosendahl - Aalborg University
Associate Professor Saqib Sohail Toor - Aalborg University
Postdoc Daniele Castello - Aalborg University
Postdoc Kamaldeep Sharma - Aalborg University
Anne Vibeke Kofoed Rasmussen (Academic TAP/Senior Engineer, Steeper Energy)



The course is designed to teach students about biofuels and biomass liquefaction technology in the context of energy and chemical products. The course will introduce fundamental principles of liquefaction, focusing on hydrothermal liquefaction. Based on this, it will move on to process analysis and design, process modeling tools and process implementation. Furthermore, the course discusses upgrading technology for biocrudes and drop-in biofuels approach. The course will introduce analytical techniques for product stream analysis and data interpretation with specific reference to liquefaction product streams and their special characteristic. Throughout the course, material taught will be exemplified by or related to experiences and best-practice methods obtained through designing and operating advanced liquefaction equipment. Through a series of lectures, lab session on product analysis and visit to the CBS pilot plant, students will learn how to design, analyze, and scale up various biomass liquefaction technologies for bioenergy production.

  • Energy conversion processes and conversion technologies specifically hydrothermal liquefaction.
  • Mass and energy balances, unit operations, and thermodynamics in HTL conversion technology.
  • Introduction and implementation of Aspen Plus® process simulator for technoeconomical analysis of HTL process -case study.
  • Product characterization techniques through laboratory instrumentation.


Chemistry, chemical or process engineering at BSc/MSc level

Form of evaluation

Individual mini report




6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


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