AC Microgrid Laboratory


The Microgrid Research Laboratory (MGLab) is a world class proof-on-concept which facilitates the real-time control, operation, and optimal energy management of renewable energy integration together with energy storage systems and consumption. Thanks to its powerful experimental-research-oriented environment, the MGLab has been designed to cope the challenges in close collaboration with industrial partners and top-tier universities worldwide regarding several Microgrid topologies under any case-study scenario. Each workstation provides the flexibility to set multiple configurations in grid-connected and islanded modes of operation, hybrid AC and DC Microgrids, or even Microgrids clusters (see our focus areas here).

The MGLab is also suitable for PhD/Industrial courses programmed in AAU, such as: AC Microgrids, DC Microgrids, Power Quality for Microgrids, and Energy Management System and Optimization for Microgrids (see our list of Microgrid courses here).


The laboratory is based on multiple setups which contain power electronics converters, a 80kW bi-directional power supply, transformers, a 45kVA grid simulator, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) for auto reclose and self-monitoring protection purposes and an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), all managed by real-time monitoring and control platforms.

Features &services

The MGLab can be used as a research, development and testing platform to develop new solutions for Industry. In fact, our facilities are considered to be a direct research and demonstration framework for Danish companies such as Kamstrup, ABB, LeanEco, Neogrid, Danfoss, Aprika, WattsUp power, Maersk Drilling A/S, among others, as they will contribute to standardization of Smart Meters, energy management systems and optimization, emission-aware solutions for shipboard power systems, and in gaining valuable on-site operational experience.



Pontoppidanstræde 109, room 1.117

Contact information

Associate Professor Juan C. Vasquez
Direct phone: +45 9940 9724

Professor Josep M. Guerrero
Direct phone: +45 9940 9726

Assistant Engineer Mads Lund
Direct phone: +45 9940 9272