Drives Traction Laboratory


The Drives traction Laboratory is used for fabrication and test of relative large drives, electrical machines and volume-wise bigger systems and have the infrastructure to handle traction drives for (H)EV.

Special equipment

  • +50 kW commercial and in house developed electrical machines and converters
  • Test bench with 100 kW bi-directional servo systems. Up to 1000 Nm torque transducers. 14000 rpm test machines.
  • Bi-directional DC supply 0-800 V +/- 500 A.
  • Linear test bench
  • Workshop lift
  •  Access to modern workshop with huge experience in creating motor drives parts (motor laminations, windings, bus-bars, shafts, housings etc.)

Features & services

The Drives traction Laboratory is an important resource used in several corporations with research institutions and companies both national and international. The activities are widely spread in different application areas for the in house developed electrical machines (linear, rotary and magnetically geared) and converters. Applications areas are for instance (H)EV, wave energy, ventilation, conveyer belts, compressor, pumps etc.

The tests made in the laboratory are important when the system performance of the developed drives and the methods behind the designs are validated. A key performance parameter in many of the tests is the total system efficiency.




Pontoppidanstræde 107, Room 2.137

Contact information

Associate professor Peter Omand Rasmussen
Direct phone: +45 9940 9244

Assistant engineer Jan Christiansen
Direct phone: +45 9940 9256