Power Electronics Reliability Laboratory


The Power Electronics Reliability Laboratory at the department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University is a modern facility where tests on power electronics systems and components are performed to assess robustness and endurance of present and future technologies. The laboratory experts actively collaborate on a daily base with companies from Denmark and abroad (Germany and USA presently), both on system and component test, and the facility mission is to provide customized and state-of-the-art solutions for reliability assessment of power electronics.









•    Climatic chamber-Temp rang -70-180 ℃, Humidity range 10%-95% RH
•    Ripple current tester
•    LCR meter 20 Hz-300 kHz
•    Capacitor leakage current meter
•    Programmable 2kW temperature profiler
•    OpSens 8-channel optic fiber ultrafast temperature measurement unit
•    Infrared camera FLIR X8400sc 2microsecond shooting time
•    Decapsulation machine JetEtch Pro CuProtect
•    Painting robot for qualification infrared measurements

Abnormal conditions have become a big part of accurate reliability estimation. At the Power Electronics Reliability laboratory, the non-destructive testing facility is operating to test power modules under short circuit, high temperature and other dangerous conditions.

Special equipmenT

  • Non-destructive tester for abnormal conditions up to 10 kA, 2.4 kV

Features & services

  • Test of silicon and wide-bandgap power devices against abnormal conditions up to 2.4kV, 10kA
  • Test of capacitors under electrical/environmental stresses
  • Standard accelerated stress tests on motor drive-scale power modules
  • Mission-profile-based/custom stress test of motor-drive power modules
  • Non-destructive real junction temperature measurement of gel-filled modules under stress
  • Reliability-oriented design of gate driver circuits to minimize temperature variations
  • Assessment of custom topologies from the reliability perspective



Pontoppidanstraede 107, room 2.118

Contact information

Professor Francesco Iannuzzo
Direct phone: +45 9940 3314
E-mail: fia@et.aau.dk

Assistant Engineer Walter Neumayr
Direct phone: +45 9940 9270
E-mail: wn@et.aau.dk