Battery Systems Test Laboratory


The Battery Systems Test Lab is a state-of-the art laboratory for electrical, thermal, and lifetime testing and characterization of batteries. The laboratory allows investigating battery cells and battery packs under variable electrical and thermal stress conditions in a secure environment using world class devices. Thanks to the available infrastructure, it is possible to test and evaluate the performance of batteries in the same conditions as they would encounter in electric vehicle, grid support (e.g., frequency control, peak shaving etc.), or uninterruptable power supply applications. Furthermore, commercial, prototype, or home-made battery management systems (BMSs) can be tested in a safe and reliable environment.


Up to 58 battery cells (6V/ 50A) and two battery packs (100V / 100A) can be tested simultaneously using five state-of-the-art battery test stations. Furthermore, three electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) analyzers are available for dedicated tests. All the battery testing is carried out in twenty climatic and temperature chambers of various dimensions, which besides offering increased safety, allow reliable temperature control in the range -30°C to 80°C. Moreover, a word-class isothermal calorimeter is available for determining the thermal behavior of batteries.

Using a 16-cells battery emulator, commercially available or prototype BMSs can be tested and debugged in a safe environment.

Features and services

The Battery Systems Test Lab can be used by academia and industry as a powerful tool for enhancing the understanding of behaviour of batteries in real-life applications. In fact, the lab allows for various activities, from battery electrical and thermal characterization to battery lifetime testing and lifetime estimation, which subsequently facilitates the battery screening process and development of optimized battery energy management strategies.


Pontoppidanstræde 107, room 2.231

Contact information

Assistant Professor Daniel-Ioan Stroe
Direct phone: +45 9940 3327

Assistant Engineer Mads Lund
Direct phone: +45 9940 9272