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Assistant Prof. S. Padmanaban and Associate Prof. Jens Bo Holm-Neilsen received best paper award

Assistant Prof. Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Associate Prof. Jens Bo Holm-Neilsen, et al. received the best paper award for the research contribution on the topic: "A New Multilevel Member of Modified CUK Converter Family for Renewable Energy Application" from 4th IEEE International Conference on Energy Conversion, IEEE-CENCON, held in Indonesia, on October 16th and 17th 2019.


A new family member of Modified CUK Converter (MCC) by topping up with Voltage Multiplier (VM) to term as MCCVM is developed in this article. Suitable goal to generate high-voltage output and fits the renewable energy applications. By integrating the specific arrangement of diodes and capacitors in MCC, the voltage gain boosted in the proposed MCCVM converter. An effective solution for renewable energy applications such as PV, fuel cell, etc. Features of the proposed converter are (a) single switch topology which required simple digital control scheme, (b) low-voltage stress on switch as compare to the output voltage, (c) continuous input current, (d) inverted output with respective to the input voltage. The operating principle, the mathematical derivation of proposed MCCVM converter are discussed in the paper. The functionality and performance of the proposed high-voltage converter are verified by means of MatLab (R2016a) numerical simulation. Followed by the experimental verifications through hardware prototype model and which always show a good agreement with the numerical simulation and theoretical analysis. 

Best paper award IEEE Cencon 2019