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Best Paper Award at ECCE 2017

Three researchers at the Department receives best paper award at the ECCE 2017, held in Cincinnatti, OH, USA. The three researchers are Qian Wu, Kaiyuan Lu and Peter Omand Rasmussen. The paper was written in cooperation with Keld Folsach Rasmussen from Grundfos.

The paper was rated among the top 6 by the reviewers for the ECCE 2016 conference. 162 papers were accepted with an acceptance rate of approximately 62% and the paper was therefore in top 6 in approximately 260 papers. A committee of 6 evaluated the papers once again and the paper was subsequently considered the best.

Co-author Keld Folsach Rasmussen from Grundfos received the award, which was presented by General Conference Chair Andy Knight (see the picture below).

ECCE is the premier global conference covering topics in energy conversion from electric machines, power electronics, drives, devices and applications both existing and emergent.


Co-author Keld Folsach Rasmussen from Grundfos receiving the award