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DANSIS Graduate Award

DANSIS Graduate Award

On October 24 the Danish Society for Industrial Fluid Dynamics awarded Allan Bjerg and Kristian Christoffersen the DANSIS Graduate Award for the best Master’s thesis within Fluid Mechanics in Denmark. The project “Numerical Investigation of Flow Structures and Their Impact on Heat Transfer Performance in a Staggered Arrangement of Rectangular Winglet Pair Vortex Generators in a Fully Developed Channel Flow” provided new insight into how the flow in internal cooling devices can be manipulated to increase cooling efficiency in tomorrow's products.

After a short presentation of their winning project, Allan and Kristian received a prize of 15,000 DKK. The price was handed over by the Chairman of DANSIS Knud Erik Meyer from DTU. Allan continues his work on heat transfer at AAU while Kristian is employed at Grundfos as a Fluid Mechanics Specialist.

The project was supervised by Associate Professor Henrik Sørensen and Assistant Professor Jakob Hærvig. You can find much more information on AAU activities within heat transfer here