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Frede Blaabjerg Elected President of IEEE PELS

Frede Blaabjerg Elected President of IEEE PELS

In 2019 and 2020 the president of the world's largest association of researchers in power electronics will be Danish. Professor Frede Blaabjerg of Aalborg University has been elected to take over the top post of the IEEE Power Electronic Society (IEEE PELS).

IEEE is the world's largest professional association of engineers with more than 425,000 members worldwide. IEEE consists of 39 societies, each representing a specific area of expertise in engineering; Frede Blaabjerg will be president of one of these societies, IEEE PELS, in 2019 and 2020.

IEEE PELS is an international society consisting of more than 9,000 researchers and practitioners in the power electronics field. When it was founded in 1988, power electronics was just a small niche technology and no one back then imagined how crucial a role the technology would play in the transition to sustainable energy. Today, the wind turbine, automotive and solar cell industries and the entire energy network are deeply dependent on the ongoing research in this area. Frede Blaabjerg’s election as president underscores Aalborg University's unique position in the field of power electronics.

- When a top researcher like Frede occupies a position like this, the university as a whole gets a boost, also on the international stage. I hope it can contribute to even more international researchers and collaborators becoming aware of Aalborg University’s qualities, says Rector Per Michael Johansen. – But first and foremost, it is an enormous recognition of Frede’s impact on research in power electronics.

An ultimate contribution

For several years, Frede Blaabjerg has distinguished himself as one of the most influential researchers in the field of power electronics, and he has been honored on several occasions, including world's most cited researcher per publication in engineering earlier this year. So his election as President of IEEE PELS is a crowning event on his 32-year long involvement with IEEE.

- As a young researcher and a member of IEEE, I never imagined that I would be president of a society. But as I became increasingly involved in the organization's work, the more I also thought of course that it would be the ultimate experience, and that it would be an ultimate contribution to this society, says Frede Blaabjerg.

He expects that he will draw considerably on his management experience at Aalborg University where he has been the major driving force in building a world-class research community.

- IEEE PELS is a complex organization with many countries and cultures represented, so I'll certainly need patience to bring things together. But I believe that I have the skills it takes to get it all to work, says Frede Blaabjerg.

Fostering a new generation

Some of the key issues the future president of IEEE PELS will be involved in include increasing membership and, in particular, developing even better products so that members feel they are getting "value for money." But Frede Blaabjerg also sees it as an important task to ensure a solid generation shift in the organization.

- Many of the members who hold the most important positions in IEEE PELS have been active in the organization for many years. So I see myself playing a major role in ensuring that the next generation can be regularly admitted to some of the leading bodies so they will be ready to take over, says Frede Blaabjerg.

See the IEEE PELS news item on Frede Blaabjerg’s election here.


  • Frede Blaabjerg is a professor in power electronics and earlier this year was named a Villum Investigator. In addition, he also serves as Vice President of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.
  • IEEE – the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – is a global engineering association with over 425,000 members from more than 160 countries.
  • IEEE PELS is one of 39 IEEE societies and has over 9,000 members worldwide.
  • Frede Blaabjerg is President-Elect in 2018, giving him the opportunity to prepare for the job of president.
  • In 2019 and 2020, Frede Blaabjerg will serve as President of IEEE PELS.


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