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IEEE Society-level Prize Paper Award for Professor Xiongfei Wang and Professor Frede Blaabjerg

Congratulations to our colleagues, Xiongfei Wang and Frede Blaabjerg, who receive the Society-level Prize Paper Award from IEEE Power & Energy Society.

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) has selected Professor Xiongfei Wang and Professor Frede Blaabjerg to receive the 2020 IEEE PES Prize Paper Award for their paper titled, "Harmonic Stability in Power Electronic-Based Power Systems: Concept, Modeling and Analysis". This award was established to recognize the most outstanding papers from among those nominated by each Technical Committee and the Society-Level Prize Paper was selected among papers published at 6 IEEE PES Transactions/Journals in 2019. It is worth mentioning that only two papers are selected each year to win this award.

Link to the paper

Professor Xiongfei Wang     Professor Frede Blaabjerg