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PhD fellow Rodica Elisabeta Stroe wins best presentation at ICEMA 2019

The paper “Kinetic study of the photocatalytic degradation of ethylene over TiO2 thin films” was orally presented by PhD fellow Rodica Elisabeta Stroe at the 4th International Conference on Energy Materials and Applications (ICEMA) held in Beijing, China on 11-13 May 2019.

The paper focuses on the derivation of a kinetic model from experimental data describing the photodegradation of ethylene (C2H4) over TiO2 thin films via two different rate laws, while at the same time analyzing the effect of initial C2H4 concentration and UV light intensity on the determined kinetics.

ICEMA 2019 was organized by Hong Kong Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering Society and hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Rodica Elisabeta Stroe

Diploma for best presentation at ICEMA 2019