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Presenter Award at International Conference in Tampa

Presenter Award at International Conference in Tampa

Congratulations to PhD fellow Sungyoung Song from Semiconductor Materials for Power Electronics (SEMPEL), who received an Outstanding Presenter Award at an international conference (the 32nd annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition) in Tampa, Florida, USA on 26-30 March 2017.

Sungyoung Song had been given the opportunity to present a paper for poster presentation, entitled "Failure Mechanism Analysis of a Discrete 650V Enhancement mode GaN-on-Si Power Device with Reverse Conduction Accelerated Power Cycling Test". During his stay, he received an award for the outstanding presentation taking place in the dialogue technical sessions.

The presentation presents the results and failure analysis of reverse conduction power cycling test of a discrete 650-volt gallium nitride power device with novel package technology at temperature swings of 100 K.

Sungyoung would like to thank his supervisor Stig Munk-Nielsen, and co-supervisor Christian Uhrenfeldt and Ionut Trintis, for all their gentleness and helpful discussion in order to come out with a significant result. Further, he would like to also thank his colleagues in SEMPEL for kindly supplying the knowledge and guidance in the research.