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Yuan, Wenbin

Yuan, Wenbin

PROJECT TITLE: Advanced Stability Analysis and Control Framework of Inverter-fed Power System for Stability and Reliability Improvement

PhD period: 2019.03.01 – 2022.02.28.
Section: Electric Power Systems
Research Programme: Wind Power Systems
Supervisor: Zhe Chen
Co-Supervisors: Yanbo Wang and Dong Liu
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Collaborator: To be announced later.
Funding: Self-financing.


With the increasing exploitation of renewable energies, distributed power generation together with technological developments in power electronic led to innovative concepts of inverter-dominated power system. The emerging power system structure can promote integration of renewable energies into utility grid. Also, power electronic devices make energy sources more flexible and controllable in their operation and control compared with the conventional synchronous generators. In addition, the inverter-fed power system can be enabled in autonomous mode to insurance power supply of critical loads in the presence of severe grid faults or emergency situations.

However, the inverter-fed power systems are susceptible to several potential challenges. Stability issue is one of important concerns. Recently, stability issues of inverter-fed power system in wide frequency range have been frequently reported. These instability phenomena can propagate into whole system, further worsen the system power quality, and even destabilize the power system. Therefore, it is essential to develop effective modeling, analysis and mitigation method to address these instability issues. Grid safety and resilience is another important concern with increasing penetration of renewable energies. In addition, reliability is an essential concern in inverter-fed power system. The efforts towards reliability enhancement should be further explored. However, these research aspects have not ever been addressed in inverter-fed power system.

The aim of this project is to develop an advanced stability analysis and control framework to enhance stability and reliability of inverter-fed power system, which is applicable in either grid-connected operation or autonomous operation.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.