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Peng, Yingzhou

Peng, Yingzhou

PROJECT TITLE: An Advanced Condition Monitoring System for Power Converter

PhD period: 2017.11.01 – 2020.10.31.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programmes: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics 
Supervisor: Huai Wang
Co-Supervisor: Uimin Choi
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Collaborator: Chongqing University, China.
Funding: China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the Department of Energy Technology.


In the past decades, power converters have gradually gained an important status in a wide range of industrial applications such as renewable generation, traction system, electric vehicle and railway transportation. However, as the increase of the application of power converter, the impacts caused by power converter could increase consistently. Therefore, the significance of the reliability of power converter is obvious.  Exploring and using reliable power converter have been arising interests in the world.

Although, an effort has been made by many researchers to improve the reliability of power converter to comply with more stringent constrains on safety, cost and availability. Most of them are focusing on one part of the converter such as power device or capacitor merely. This project aims to embark with the consideration of a whole power converter and provide a condition monitoring system with hybrid and advanced methods. This system could reflect the healthy condition of power converter efficiently and accurately and improve its reliability.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.