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Nielsen, Simon Staal

Nielsen, Simon Staal

PROJECT TITLE: Compact and Efficient Drive Unit with Wide Operating Area for Conveyors

PhD period: 2018.07.01 – 2021.06.30.
Section: Electrical Machines
Research Programmes: E-Mobility and Industrial Drives 
Supervisor: Peter Omand Rasmussen
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Funding: External funding and Department of Energy Technology, AAU.


This study aims to improve on the conveyor belt drive system used today with a new generation of drive units that is very energy efficient and highly integrated. The high energy efficiency of the new conveyor drive is obtained by using magnetic gearing technology together with a PM synchronous machine. By using the magnetic gear, requirements for maintenance are decreased and the inherent overload protection improves on reliability. Furthermore, a dedicated power electronic converter is developed to obtain a complete system, incorporating a power factor correcting power input for increased compatibility with different grid voltages as well as reducing the losses associated with reactive power in the grid connection cables.

Sensorless control strategies are implemented to further reduce size, mechanical complexity and cost. To comply with the increasing demands for data collection and system monitoring, fundamental parameters are monitored and communication to an external system control unit is implemented.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.