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Ma, Kuichao

Ma, Kuichao

PROJECT TITLE: Condition Monitoring and Fault Tolerant Control of Wind Farms  

PhD period: 2017.01.01 – 2019.12.31.
Section: Esbjerg Energy Section 
Research Programmes: Wind Power Systems and Offshore Energy Systems
Supervisor: Mohsen Soltani
Co-Supervisor: Zhe Chen
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Collaborator: HUAREN Wind Power Company.
Funding: Self-financing.


As one of the most widely used energies, wind power witnessed a rapid development. Most researches on the control of wind turbine (WT) have focused on the single-turbine setting. However, the control of wind farm (WF) is more effective than the control of single-turbine because of the aerodynamic interactions among the WTs, which make most of the single-turbine control algorithms highly inefficient for maximizing power capture. As WF is an integrate power supply unit in the grid, the WF level control can achieve the grid's demands more effectively and directly. The negligence of the WTs’ operating conditions and health conditions also poses an adverse effect on economic performance and safety of WF to a large extent.

The research will focus on the condition monitoring and fault tolerant control of wind farm from the following aspects: WF power output enhancement, WT fatigue loads mitigation, WF output power regulation and operation and maintenance cost reduction. The model of WF considering the wake effects is the basis. Then the common faults in generators will be analyzed through Failure Mode Effects Analysis(FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis(FTA). With the condition monitoring, a WF level controller will be designed to make it possible that the WF can capture more power without faults and keep operating normally when faults occur. At the same time, the WTs’ operating conditions and health conditions will also be considered in the control.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.