Thomas, Sobi

PROJECT TITLE: Control and Characterization of High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells with Reformate Feed

PhD period: 2015.02.01 – 2018.01.31.
Section: Thermal Energy Systems
Research Programme: Fuel Cell and Battery Systems
Supervisor: Søren Knudsen Kær
Co-Supervisor: Samuel Simon Araya
Contact Information

Collaborator: DTU, IRD fuel cells, Serenergy A/S, University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Forschungszentrum Jullich GmbH, Volvo Technology AB, Sangmyung University, Korean Institute of Science and Technology and Danish Power Systems.
Funding: DSW.


The study focuses on the development of a new control strategy for HTPEM fuel cells. The focus would be on determining the optimum phosphoric acid (PA) distribution across the membrane and catalyst layer, to harvest maximum fuel cell performance. The aim would be to understand the influence of acid distribution on the performance of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HTPEM) fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly (MEA). Different characterization techniques like EIS, THDA etc. will be evaluated for the investigation studies. The effect of reformate gas composition on the durability and performance would be studied. The novelties expected in this work are highlighted as below:

a. A better understanding of different PA distribution effect, on the performance, and lifetime as well as the mechanism occurring during break-in process to be developed.
b. A new methodology, based on total harmonic distortion analysis (THDA) expected to be implemented in determining the relationship to ion conduction.
c. A new monitoring and control strategy expected to be developed for better ion conduction.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.