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Lashab, Abderezak

Lashab, Abderezak

Control of Photovoltaic Systems with Integrated Energy Storage

PhD period: 2017.10.01 – 2019.10.15.
Section: Electric Power Systems
Research Programme: Photovoltaic Systems
Supervisor: Dezso Sera
Co-Supervisor: Josep M. Guerrero
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Collaborator: To be announced later.
Funding: Self supported during the first two years, and funded by the Department of Energy Technology during the third year.


The first part of this project aims at developing advanced Maximum power point tracker (MPPT), by using intelligent tools, such as, Model Predicive Controller. The main feature of Model Predicive Controllers (MPC) is their intuitive aspect. Compared to classical methods, MPC offers the following advantages: shorter response time, robust, no PI controller or modulator are needed. The choice of this tool has been made based on its former mentioned advantages.

In the recent years, the incorporation of storage function in PV systems has attracted a significant interest, where the majority of these systems were installed in residential areas. The combination of PV and storage provides benefits to the customers, such as lower electricity bills, but also to the grid operator by taking advantage of the energy storage. Therefore, the second part of this project will set out to develop MPPT, battery and grid side control for PV+storage systems, and coordination of these functions. Furthermore, analysis of converter layouts and development of control methods for modular PV+storage systems will be carried out.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.