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Khazaee, Majid

Khazaee, Majid

PROJECT TITLE: Design of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Low Power Sensors and Actuators 

PhD period: 2018.06.01 – 2021.05.31.
Section: Fluid Mechanics and Combustion
Research Programme: Low Power Energy Harvesting and I-Solutions
Supervisor: Alireza Rezaniakolaei
Co-Supervisor: Lasse Rosendahl
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Funding: ET Scholarship.


Providing a sustainable source of energy, to store energy from often wasted energy for powering low power sensors and actuators will have a revolutionary impact on the design and implementation of self-power systems as it eliminates the use of batteries in such systems.

In the present Ph.D. project, the focus will be both on an experimental and numerical study on the design and application of piezoelectric energy harvesters for powering low power sensors and actuators. The areas of attention will be the application of piezoelectric harvester for medical, structural health monitoring, and condition monitoring purposes. To do so, an algorithmic design approach will be set up for each application based on state-of-the-art and initiative ideas by which the optimum harvester is obtained. The mathematical modeling of output power for such a system is then developed and simulated with MATLAB programming. Afterward, experimental tests will be carried out to measure the output power from different sources and different types of piezoelectric materials. After the model verification, optimization process for obtaining maximum power for each vibration source is going to be developed. It is aimed to adopt optimized piezoelectric harvester for the applications in medical science, structural health monitoring and condition monitoring of machines.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.