Wei, Baoze

PROJECT TITLE: Distributed Control Strategies and Power Architectures for Three-Phase Parallel-Modular-Inverters in Microgrid Applications 

PhD period: 2014.12.01 – 2017.11.30.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programme: MicroGrids
Supervisor: Josep M. Guerrero
Co-Supervisor: Juan Carlos Vasquez
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Collaborators: Yanshan University, China, and Virginia Tech, US.
Funding: China Scholarship Council and scholarship from the Dept. of Energy Technology, AAU.


Microgrids are requiring new control strategies and power architectures to deal with high power demand. One of that architectures are based on paralleling three-phase PWM inverters , which is very popular in many microgrid applications, such as conversion and power flow control between AC and DC microgrids, bidirectional AC/DC converters for battery energy storage systems in AC microgrids, and bidirectional DC/AC converters for flywheels in DC microgrids. That architecture is very popular for modular design to increase the power level. A number of topologies will be investigated and implemented. The investigation and integration of different level of control levels and operation modes inside a microgrid will be done. 



Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN