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Wu, Heng

Heng Wu

PROJECT TITLE: Dynamics and Control of Modular Multilevel Power Electronic Systems

PhD period: 2017.05.01 – 2020.04.30.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programme: Electronic Power Grid (eGrid)
Supervisor: Xiongfei Wang
Contact Information

Collaborator: DONG Energy.
Funding: AAU Talent Management Program.


Modular Multilevel power electronic Converters (MMC) are emerging as a promising technology for high power conversions at high voltage levels. The modular and cascaded structure of MMCs provide advantages of scalability, redundancy, and high reliability, but they may also bring in oscillations at multiple time scales, owing to the dynamic interactions among the internal converter modules and with the external electrical grid.

The project aims to develop an efficient analytical method for revealing the fundamental mechanism underlying the multi-time-scale dynamics of MMCs, and further coping with the instabilities or resonances by means of advanced control methods. The sizing of energy storage elements at both dc- and ac-side of MMCs will also be targeted under the developed theoretical framework.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.